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After 1 year of writing material and rehearsing, we went to Varispeed Studio outside Malmö / Sweden to record this, our last studioalbum. - We brought danish top notch producer and friend, Chief One along, and we recorded the entire album in 4 days. Chief is an excellent chef/cook and provided us with healthy food and great wines - the result is IdiOcrazy….one of the best albums I´ve had the pleasure of working on. - As well as being 4 hard days with a LOT of work, we had a great time together…...

Morten Jay Big Fat Snake.png

Hush - Sand

Me and danish drummer, Jesper Lind, was called in to do the bass/drums on this album.  I had almost no time to prepare or rehearse anything - most of it, I did on the plane back home from Macedonia.

Nevertheless, we did 7 tracks in 8 hours and I just love this album - Killer songs and a fantastic singer !


Michael Millfield - “Attitudes”


Michael called me one day and said : “Hey Jay,  I´ve got this album that I´d like you to play bass on, it´s funky and right up your alley”. I got the material and once I started listening, it quckly became clear that this was no easy task ! Michael had made all of the basslines beforehand and my job was to apply my live-feel to it - I worked closely with Michael for 3 months - a lot of notes and sore hands later, the work was done and I´m very proud to have worked on this album with Michael.

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Jens Marni - "Anywhere You Wanna Go"


Morten Jay and danish drummer Jesper Thomsen, flew to Faroe Islands for a couple of days and recorded this album together with Jens Marni - great trip and a great album !

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MUSIC - Tracks

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