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Professional backing for amateurs

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Worlds biggest TV talentshow offers musical challenges as a bassplayer

In 2019 I was, once again, hired as a bassplayer in “The X-Orchestra” - The only X-Factor LIVE band in the world !!! (In all other countries, the music is pre-recorded…...crazy shit !)

One might think that it´s a crap-job playing with amateur singers and well yeah, in a lot of other situations it definitely would be, but this is NOT one of them.

Week after week these dedicated singers, would turn up as new and improved versions of themselves and sing their asses off - much respect !

"The only X-Factor LIVE band in the world !!!"

As a bassplayer I got to play all kinds of different styles of music on both electric, synth and upright bass with some of the most talented musicians I´ve ever played with !

One day I came to the set all prepared - had rehearsed the tunes like a mf´er - all of them electric bass stuff, and grabbed my trusted Sandberg 5-string and was told to play it on the Moog instead…..just another day at the office and I truly love it !!

#Xfactor #UprightBass

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