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Rehearsal turns into album release

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

I was hired to do a gig with US artist Joan Osborne and this day was rehearsal day.

Joan was in the making of an album with songs by Bob Dylan and of course we had to play some of those tunes.

Rehearsal started and we gave our take to the songs - jamming a bit and it, quite quickly, became clear that we were on to something good here !

Joan thought it sounded so good, that she wanted us to record some songs and we started calling recording studios in the area to see if we could come in to do a quick recording session, but no luck !

We decided to do a multitrack recording, on stage, through the mixing desk onto a harddrive and what happened ?

Besides an EP with 4 live songs (Joan Osborne : Live Dylan EP) The track : “Tangled Up In Blue” became the first track on her 2017 album release : “Songs Of Bob Dylan”

- talk about timing :)

#JoanOsborne #BobDylan #Rehearsal #Recording

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